A revolutionary tool for video content creators

A revolutionary tool for video content creators

Now, here’s a novelty!

The creative folk over at OhSoGreen are getting ready to launch this beauty.  For video content creators, this tool will be revolutionary!

Say, you are creating videos at OhSoGreen or YouTube or even Vimeo.  You can place ads in your video to monetize them.  You can add links.  And you can refer viewers to other videos in your library.  That’s all doable already.

But how about capturing emails?  Inside your video!  This is going to be a game-changer.

Want to see it in action?  Play the video below and wait until the video reaches 25 seconds.  You will see the email subscription form popping up.



Did you see it?

Imagine what you can do with this golden tool.

Over at OhSoGreen, they are preparing to make this tool available to their video content creators.  And I can’t recommend it enough.  After 24 hours, 63% of the visitors to this page subscribed to my newsletter.  63% of all the people who visited this page.  This. Is. A. Game-changer!

You have full control too.  You can choose to add your form at the beginning of the video, anywhere in the middle, or, right at the end.

And whenever a new subscriber joins your list, you receive their email directly to your own email.  OhSoGreen does not keep any of the contacts from your videos.  They go straight to you!

I recommend you check this out.  Now!

If you haven’t heard, OhSoGreen is an alternative to social media for the vegan community.  You can post images, links, videos, run your own store – all exclusively vegan, ethical content.  Bloggers and video conent creators, you’re wasting time at Instagram.  Visit OhSoGreen and see what they’re up to.


NB. I’ve noticed one small issue – the subscription form does not work if you have an adblocker on.  I’ve reported this and am assured they are working on it.  I’ve known these developers for some time now, and I’m assured this is nothing but a teething issue they will resolve in no time.

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