Ad styles

Product ads

Using our product ad-styles you can offer promotional campaigns for a brand.

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Sidebar ads

A good looking ad that attracts a high clickthru and fits well into your sidebar. Sell a spot in your sidebar to advertisers.

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Content ads

A top or bottom banner with up to 3 rotating ad spots, this is a top earner for advertisers. Sell spots on your blog all day long.

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Contract types

Publishers can choose to charge in 3 different models :

CPM : Charge a fee per 1,000 unique pageviews

CTR : Charge a fee per unique clickthru

CPD : Charge a fee per day with unlimited pageviews and clickthrus


Key, when putting together this marketing tool, was to make it as malleable as possible for the advertiser and for the publisher too.

First and foremost, Ethical Ads is not just an ad network. It is also perfect for sponsors.

With our Ethical Ads, sponsors can now track in real time how each sponsorship is doing. You can see exact number of unique pageviews and unique clickthrus. It’s a whole new ballgame.

As a sponsor, you save money too, while reaching a much wider audience.

While the average sponsorship deal is currently averaging at no less than €100 per blogger, you can now use up those €100 and set up 100 unique sponsorship deals with 100 different bloggers. It’s up to you how you wish to work with your budget.

For publishers, it’s also more advantageous because you can work with many, many more sponsors at any given time, earning you more money per day, per week, per month, per year!

Product ads

Pick a category and allow relevant products to appear in this spot, giving you an 8% commission per sale.


Earn up to 8% commission per sale.

Add up to 3 ads to your sidebar.

Pick items based on category or even geo-location (country) for maximum niche targeting.

Single product campaign

Run a campaign to promote a specific product.


Earn up to 8% commission per sale.

Add a single product advert to an article or section in your blog/site. The tighter the niche, the higher the conversion rate.

Pick items based on category or even geo-location (country) for maximum niche targeting.

(This video is used simply for showcasing the use of Ethical Ads. The producer of this video is not a sponsor of Ethical Ads.)
Sidebar ads

Good-looking ads in your sidebar = high clickthru rate.


A single ad spot that rotates all your ads in your sidebar. The title, link and description of the ad adapts to your blog’s template to fit right in to your look!

Pick adverts based on category or even geo-location (country) for maximum niche targeting.

High clickthru rate guaranteed.

Publishers can pick to showcase 1, 2 or 3 ads at any given time, depending on space available.

Sponsor ads

Good-looking ads in your sidebar = high clickthru rate.


Sponsors are always on the lookout for great blogs to feature their products in.

Now, sponsors can simply hand-pick blogs from our directory and prepare an ad to feature in each blog.

Sponsor ad spots are different to advertiser spots. As shown above, an advertiser spot will rotate with every pageview, showing a different advert each time.

A sponsor ad spot will be exclusive for a single sponsor during a specific amount of time.

For example, publishers can charge sponsors a daily fee to make the spot exclusive for a specific sponsor. As long as that sponsor is running an ad, no other advertiser can buy the spot.

This is a great money-earner for blogs with high volume of traffic.

Relevant content ads

Top or bottom of content

Hardly worth getting into why relevant content ads are used by millions of blogs. Adding relevant content around your content = clickthrus.

Mainstream media uses them. Fashion bloggers use them. Niche content sites use them. They simply work.

Add this banner of relevant ads to the bottom of to the bottom of your articles and you’ve got a great money-earner on automatic.

Pick ads by category or geo-location to make them super relevant to what your article is about and you don’t even have to remember them again. These ad spots will sell themselves.