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Who can be a publisher?

Key to us is to showcase vegan products to as wide an audience as possible.  So, we welcome anyone who wishes to be a publisher.  No sex, drugs, forex, or animal trading of any sort.

Does it cost anything to join?

We charge you a €3 (about US$3) joining fee upon completion of this form.  This will help us keep our network as spam-free as possible and help us cover the costs of managing your account.  This fee is refundable with your first payout.

This form is rather large. Do I have to fill in everything right now?

No.  Fill in the more important information now, like your contact email, website we can look at to make sure it does not break the rules of our admissible websites.  You can come back and fill in the rest of the form later.

Can I just sign up later?

You do need to know that we will limit the amount of publishers we let into our network.  This is so you can maximize your earnings and so we can control the quality of the publisher network by concentrating on a limited number of publishers.  So, we offer no guarantees on offering you access if you choose to sign up later.

What happens once I submit the form?

We will look at your information, check out your website, create your publisher account for you and then send you the login details, along with the links to the tutorials etc for you.  You’ll have everything ready for you in no time.

How long will it take to get my publisher account?

It’s all manual labour.  Nothing automated.  And it does depend on how many people are signing up.  But we are currently working on getting your publisher account ready within 96 hours.


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