How to attract advertisers to your blog

How to attract advertisers to your blog

With more and more vegan and eco-friendly businesses and blogs popping up each and every day, it’s going to get harder and harder for vegan bloggers to stand out.  And if you don’t stand out, nobody knows you exist.

The old hangouts like Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram are clogging up with new “vegan influencers”.  They’re internet marketers.  They have money to spend on advertising, so they get the followers following.  They are uber active on social media.  They can afford to pay pro photographers to provide them with a daily stream of gorgeous, clickable images and pro videos.  And if you’re not one of them, then you are out in the cold. Literally scrounging for a few “likes” a week.

Until about a year ago, a big brand with a big budget would reach out to these “influencers” and pay well for an article, or even, just a post on Instagram tagging them back.  1000’s of “influencers” were born out of nowhere seeking a piece of the profitable action.  As a result, the market saturated and sponsors realized they were not getting a good deal for their money.  Suddenly, social media accounts with big follower numbers no longer seemed that attractive.

A new trend ensued – sponsors hired people to seek out smaller bloggers with smaller follower numbers.  What they seek is bloggers with followers who strike up a conversation.  You know, real people talking to each other!

That’s where we are today.  For small bloggers, that’s great news.  Only problem is, there’s thousands of bloggers out there.  So, you need to stand out.

When I first started talking to Crissie about a collaboration between my business and her platform, we quickly realized this was something we could do to help smaller bloggers in the vegan niche stand out. Crissie developed OhSo Green specifically for vegan bloggers, to help them stand out and grow their following away from the hoopla.

If you’ve been following OhSo Green in the last year, you’ll know that Crissie is an astute student of the internet.  She has been studying the trends.  She knows what is needed to stand out.  And it’s not social media.  It’s content. And it’s interaction.  Real interaction.  She built OhSo Green with this as her focus point.  And it’s getting a lot of attention from sponsors!

They eagerly await for the 15th of September, the day OhSo Green officially launches.  And you’d be doing yourself and your business a favour if you were part of it.

Sponsors and advertisers know they can only stand out if they stand away from the chaos of social media.  There’s nothing there for them anymore.  Too much noise.  Too many people.  Too much money lost. Too few sales to celebrate.

They are looking for niche places with a more niche crowd.  And OhSo Green is getting their attention.

So, join in.  The community is beautifully designed and offers you a multitude of tools for you to build up a profile that gets attention.

As a niche platform exclusive for the vegan and eco-friendly community, you are at home, interacting with people who are actively looking for you.  It makes no sense for you to not be there.  And it’s free, of course.

Because the platform is specific for the vegan community, it’s easy for you to grab a sub-niche to stand out even more.  Whether your subject-matter is vegan fashion, or vegan make-up, vegan shoes, whatever.  Grab the niche and own it.

All it takes is for you to be active in the community.  Interact with the community.  Sponsors and advertisers are lurking, looking for you.  So, seize the opportunity and sign up.

No need to thank me for heads up.  Just go out there and make veganism trend! And I’ll be thanking you!

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