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Monetize your site or blog with 100% cruelty-free advertisers.

Only cruelty-free ads

Advertisers looking to promote their cruelty-free products, eco-friendly properties and vegan restaurants are actively looking for sites and blogs that are indeed respectful of the cruelty-free lifestyle.

As a cruelty-free advocate, you know how hard it is to stand out alongside the big brands.

Sell your ad spots directly

Simply pick up the simple code snippet, add it to your site or blog in a widget, and you’re ready to go.  When an advertiser sees your ad spot and wants to buy it, they pay us and we deposit your share in your account.  Simple as that.

We deal with the tech stuff.  You deal with the creative stuff.

There’s text ads, image + text ads, video ads…a fantastic collection for advertisers to pick the right ad-type for whatever cruelty-free product or service they want to advertise in your site.

Real-time tracking

You’ll have your own dashboard to track all the ad spots you are selling and running. We handle all the management – notifcations for advertisers when ads are running out, payouts, etc.

Advertisers to your doorstep

We even do the promotion for you.  We have advertisers already waiting for an ad spot, actively looking for publishers like you.

Like we said, you just need to concentrate on the creative.  We’ll send advertisers to your door.

They’re looking for sites or blogs that attract their audience – by subject-matter or by geo-location.  In English, Portuguese, or Persian…there are advertisers looking for you!

Compliance & respect

Our ads won’t cause any headaches.

Because our system is so one-on-one, we dont need to track or gather ridiculous amounts of data from you, from our publishers or form the viewers.  We are 100% GDPR-compliant.  Your data is yours.  Nobody else’s.

With so many years of big business tracking our every move with invasive ad cookies, it’s no wonder that an estimated 500 million web surfers now use an adblocker to cut out the abusive ads.

Our ads have no such cookie.  And you can proudly declare that your ads are 100% GDPR-compliant – a rarity in our day that will appeal to viewers.

For our testing, when we tell our visitors that our ads are 100% GDPR-compliant and 100% cruelty-free, over 75% whitelist our publishers’ sites.

Revenue on automatic

To rev up your revenue, sign up as a publisher, add your ad spots to your site, then sign up to our affiliate program too.  For every publisher you refer, you earn 10% of all their income.

“On social media, as in many areas of life, fortune favors the bold. Brands have a chance to create outsized returns by jumping on new social media platforms early.”

Why Businesses Should Be Early Adopters of Social Media Platforms

Ready to join? Sign up. Grab your code snippet.  And you’re ready to go.

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